Potty Training Checklist

By Jennifer Pla, M.Ed., BCBA | July 16, 2019

Being prepared is the key to successful potty training. Here is a list of items I recommend for both parents and kids (yes, there’s a kid’s shopping list, which I promise you they’ll love! Potty training doesn’t have to be so hard and I’m here to show you how!

8 Reasons to Take Parenting Classes

By Jennifer Pla, M.Ed., BCBA | July 15, 2019

Many parents wonder if they would benefit from parenting classes. Just like any area of learning – you can never know “too much” and staying up-to-date with recent research in the field will only add to your “bag of tricks”. Here are 8 reasons you should consider it… After all…confident, informed and mindful parenting leads …