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Get Your Kiddo Excited About Potty Training!

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Get Your Kiddo Excited About Potty Training!

I know it sounds impossible, but I promise there are ways to get your kids to be ok with – and dare I say – excited about potty training!

  • The first step is to introduce the potty in a fun, exciting, and supportive way.
    • One way to do this is to start changing your kiddo’s diaper in the bathroom, so they begin making that connection that pee and poop belong in the bathroom. 
    • After you change their diaper, help them dump their poop in the toilet while waving ‘bye’ and saying “bye bye poo poo”. Then have them follow the rest of the steps of the routine (washing hands, drying hands, etc.)
  • You’ll also want to let them watch you use the bathroom (I know – it’s weird – but it works).
  • Read silly, funny, or informative books about potty training.  Some books I recommend are:
  • Or…better yet…consider creating a personalized potty training book just for your child!  What is this exactly you ask?  It’s a personalized book that has actual pictures of them, their bathroom, their favorite toys, and their favorite undies!  Aligned Parenting Services creates personalized books for kids.  

For more info email:

  • I also recommend allowing your little one to decorate their bathroom with removable window stickers and other fun decorations. This will create a comfortable, personalized atmosphere for your child, which is guaranteed to make the bathroom less scary in their eyes. A PeePee-PooPoo-Palace if you will…
  • Have them teach their doll how to potty training (this one is a particular favorite of kiddos who like playing with dolls and action figures) was 
  • Add some favorite music (or soothing music) to the bathroom area (an Alexa or Google Home is perfect for this!)
  • Consider adding relaxing aromatherapy to the area (lavender is my favorite!)
  • Tell them stories about how you learned to go to the potty (trust me…kids love this and it reminds them that they are not alone). 
  • Lastly, tie in their big motivators into the potty training experience. This could be a variety of things including:
    • Spending uninterrupted  time with a favorite person (wink, wink mom and dad)
    • Going to a favorite place (chuckecheese, amusement park, gym)
    • Have them choose their favorite stickers that can go on their reward system
    • Favorite books or activity books
    • Favorite treats (
    • Favorite movies
    • Favorite games 
    • NEW games and toys

Still not convinced your child will be motivated to begin potty training?  Email me to brainstorm some other idea, or join me for a free potty training parenting class!