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Free Co-Parenting Training: How to Co-Parent Effectively & Harmoniously

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Do you find yourself fighting with your partner all the time? Do you feel frustrated every time your partner doesn’t follow through with agreed upon strategies? Have you run out of ways to convince your partner to consider parenting in a different way? If this sounds family, then this training is just what you need …

Free Parenting Lunch & Learn: Tips, Techniques & Resources

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Do you want to be a more proactive parent, but don’t have the time to read a parenting book, or take hours of parenting classes? I created this Parenting Q & A session just for you! Join me as I answer any question you have about your child’s tantrums, meltdowns, communication difficulties, social skills delays …

Potty Training 101: Free 60-Minute Seminar

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Need to potty train your child, but worried they’re not ready, stressed about doing it right, or overwhelmed by having to make time for it? Join us for a free 1-hour virtual seminar to learn everything you need to know about potty training! You’ll leave feeling informed, empowered and ready to create a stress-free potty …