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Get Your Kiddo Excited About Potty Training!

I know it sounds impossible, but I promise there are ways to get your kids to be ok with – and dare I say – excited about potty training!

  • The first step is to introduce the potty in a fun, exciting, and supportive way.
    • One way to do this is to start changing your kiddo’s diaper in the bathroom, so they begin making that connection that pee and poop belong in the bathroom. 
    • After you change their diaper, help them dump their poop in the toilet while waving ‘bye’ and saying “bye bye poo poo”. Then have them follow the rest of the steps of the routine (washing hands, drying hands, etc.)
  • You’ll also want to let them watch you use the bathroom (I know – it’s weird – but it works).
  • Read silly, funny, or informative books about potty training.  Some books I recommend are:
  • Or…better yet…consider creating a personalized potty training book just for your child!  What is this exactly you ask?  It’s a personalized book that has actual pictures of them, their bathroom, their favorite toys, and their favorite undies!  Aligned Parenting Services creates personalized books for kids.  

For more info email:

  • I also recommend allowing your little one to decorate their bathroom with removable window stickers and other fun decorations. This will create a comfortable, personalized atmosphere for your child, which is guaranteed to make the bathroom less scary in their eyes. A PeePee-PooPoo-Palace if you will…
  • Have them teach their doll how to potty training (this one is a particular favorite of kiddos who like playing with dolls and action figures) was 
  • Add some favorite music (or soothing music) to the bathroom area (an Alexa or Google Home is perfect for this!)
  • Consider adding relaxing aromatherapy to the area (lavender is my favorite!)
  • Tell them stories about how you learned to go to the potty (trust me…kids love this and it reminds them that they are not alone). 
  • Lastly, tie in their big motivators into the potty training experience. This could be a variety of things including:
    • Spending uninterrupted  time with a favorite person (wink, wink mom and dad)
    • Going to a favorite place (chuckecheese, amusement park, gym)
    • Have them choose their favorite stickers that can go on their reward system
    • Favorite books or activity books
    • Favorite treats (
    • Favorite movies
    • Favorite games 
    • NEW games and toys

Still not convinced your child will be motivated to begin potty training?  Email me to brainstorm some other idea, or join me for a free potty training parenting class!

Potty Training Tips

7 Things to Do BEFORE Potty Training

Before beginning potty training, there are 7 things you might want to consider doing:

#1 – Consult With Your Child’s School

If your child is in daycare, or school, or is about to join either, I strongly suggest you touch base with them before beginning potty training.  This way you can see what their potty schedule is like and mirror that in your home. Also, establishing a collaborative relationship with your child’s school team is going to send a message that you are there to help and value your their opinions.  

#2 – Get Your Materials Ready 

Make sure you have all the necessary potty training materials ready. This is going to be key for potty training. Check out the attached list below for some suggested materials. 

#3 – Think Through The Details!

You’ll want to figure out all the details before beginning, so you can predict any possible setbacks. For example:

  • When you’re going to do it.
  • If you have a boy – whether you’re going to have him stand or sit. 
  • Whether your child will need targets for the potty or not.
  • What books you think your child would like.
  • What videos or songs would your child might like to learn that are related to the potty (YouTube is great for this!)

#4 – Get Your Schedule Together

  • Figure out when you’re going to potty train – whether you’re going to do a potty training boot camp, or if you are going to do it gradually.
  • Consider purchasing a separate kitchen timer to keep you on track (using your cell is an option, too, but I recommend having something separate).

#5 – Figure Out Childcare

  • Make sure you have some back up! Some families choose to fly in family members just to help out and provide moral support 🙂 
  • Make sure to keep your partner in the loop! 
  • Consider potty training with your friend and his/her kid (check in with school)
  • Don’t forget to schedule breaks for yourself, too. Trust me, you’ll need them and they will be well-deserved!

#6 – Make Sure Your Child Is Ready

  • This is key! I recommend parents check with their child’s pediatrician before beginning the potty training process. Especially, if your child has dietary restrictions, or a history of constipation. Check out my YouTube video ‘5 Signs Your Child is Ready for Potty Training’ for more info. 

#7 – Make Sure Your Child Is Motivated

  1. Motivation is key. Ideally, your child will be intrinsically motivated, but if he/she is not – then you might want to consider extrinsic motivation. 
  2. Stay tuned – I will have more information about intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation coming soon 🙂 

Still not sure if your child is ready to potty train? Leave a comment, or shoot me an email, and we’ll figure it out together!


Parenting Resources, Potty Training Tips

6 Signs Your Child is Ready to Potty Train

Ahhh so you’re thinking of potty training. It’s as dirty job but someones gotta do it….

And you’re not sure if your child is ready for potty training. Well, I’m here to save you a lot of time and effort by going over 6 signs you should look for to know if your child is potty training

But first…why is this important?

If your child is not ready, or if you do not prepare him or her in the right way, it can lead to many emotional, behavioral and even physical complications.

What do I mean?

If your child isn’t ready to potty train, let go of their diaper, or give up the control, they are going to resist – resist – resist. Trust me. I’ve been doing this a long time and I can promise you that will happen. 

So the best way to prevent that from happening is to prepare-prepare-prepare. If you want to know all the steps you should follow to make sure you prepare the right way – check out my two videos “What you need BEFORE potty training, “What NOT to do when potty training”, “10 things you need to get BEFORE potty training”. 

So…what are the 6 Signs Your Child is Ready to Be Potty Trained

#1  Take off the diaper as soon as they throw it.  Often times this means tossing or kicking the diaper in the air, on the ground, or at you.   Tip: encourage them to toss it in the trash can, so they start associating the diaper with the bathroom. 

#2  The infamous pee pee dance. If you see your kiddo doing a little dance (with diapers), that means they are feeling the sensations that come about when we have to go pee. 

#3  Hiding in the corner or another spot that’s comfortable. Usually, it’s while facing you with a grunt and red face.  This is particularly common when kids are pooping. 

#4 Pointing at themselves, touching their diaper, or walking up to you after they soiled. This is huge! Communicating to you about their toileting needs is a huge first step in the potty training process. The fact that they are doing it already is going to save you sooo much time in the future. 

#5 Being curious about you going potty, or wanting to stay in the general area to watch you go. Shows they’re interested in figuring out what goes on in there AND that they are not fearful of the process. 

#6 Your doctor says so!!! This is a HUGE factor to consider before potty training. If your child has special dietary, or medical needs, please, please consult with your doctor before potty training. This is especially true for kiddos who struggle with excessive constipation or diarrhea. 

So we just covered 6 signs your kiddo might be ready to potty training. If you have any questions about other signs – leave me a comment below. Or if you think you’re kiddo is ready – “It’s Time” in the message below and I’ll send you an easy checklist to help guide you.